PG TRB ENGLISH Study Material - 06

1.  Whose play is Rosencrantz and Guilder stern Are Dead 1966)?

A.  Henric Ibsen

B.  John  Osborne 

C.  Agatha  Christie  

D.  Tom Stoppard


2.  Christopher Fry wrote which of the following plays?

A. The Lady’s Not for Burning

B. The Winslow boy

C. Separate Tables  

D. The Deep Blue sea


3.  The Boy with a cart 1939) is written by

A. Northrop Frye

B. Christopher Isherwood

C. Christopher Fry 

D. George Osborne


4. Waiting For Godot 1955) was originally written in

A. German  

B. French  

C. English  

D. Russian


5.  Pozzo is a character in

A. Mother Courage

B. Endgame

C. Look Back in Anger

D. Waiting for Godot


6.  Jimmy Porter is the hero of

A. Waiting for Godot

B. Lucky Jim

C. Lord Jim  

D. Look Back in Anger


7. Which of the following is based on the life of  a historical hero?

A. Inadmissible Evidence

B. Look Back in Anger

C. Luther

D. A Better Class of person


8.  Who among the following was born in india?

A. Lawrence Durrell 

B. T.E. Lawrence

C. D.H. Lawrence

D. Henry Miller


9.  Who is the author of Alexandria Quartet?

A. Samuel Beckett

B. Lawrence Durrell

C. William Golding

D. Bartolt Brecht


10.  Lord of the Files by William Golding Was published in

A. 1954  

B. 1955

C. 1956

D. 1957

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