PG TRB ENGLISH Study Material - 05

1.  Told by an Idiot 1929) was written by

A. Philip Larkin

B. Rose Macaulay

C. Iris Murdoch

D. William Golding 

2.  Rebecca West is a name derived from Ibsen‘s

A. The Doll‘s House

B. Ghosts

C. Rosmersholm

D. Enemy of the people

3.  Graham Greene‘s A Sort of life 1977) is

A. An Autobiography  

B. A catholic novel

C. A war novel

D. A travel account

4.  Success is only a delayed failure,‖ is said by

A. G.B. Shaw  

B. H.G. Wells

C. Galsworthy  

D. Graham Greene

5.  Graham Greene‘s first novel was

A. The Man Within 

B. The Ministry of Fear

C. The Quiet American

D. Our Man in Havana

6.  Whisky-Priest is a character in

A. The Heart of the Matter 1948)  

B. The End of the Affair 1951)

C. The power and the Glory

D. The Ministry of Fear 1943)

7.  Which of the following novels of Greene is located in Mexico?

A. The Heart of the Matter

B. The Power and the Glory

C. The Comedians

D. The Quiet American

8.  Greene‘s The  Heart of the Matter is located in

A. West Africa

B. East Africa

C. South Africa

D. North Africa

9.  A Dance to the Music of Time is a novel written by

A. Graham Greene

B. William Golding

C. Anthony Powell 

D. Iris Murdoch

10.  Look Back in Anger 1956) was opened at which of the following theatres?

A. The Abbey Theatre

B. The Royal Court

C. The Globe  

D. The Theatre  

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